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General questions

Whether you're seeking installation tips, details on premium features, or troubleshooting assistance, this FAQ section aims to provide clarity and support.

vTables requires WordPress version 6.4 or higher, PHP version 8.0 or higher, and is compatible with modern browsers such as Edge (>= 88), Firefox (>= 78), Chrome (>= 87), and Safari (>= 13.1).

You can install vTables via the WordPress Admin Dashboard by navigating to Plugins > Add New, searching for "vTables," clicking "Install Now," and then activating it. Alternatively, you can manually download the latest version from and follow the installation steps.

Open your Google Sheet file that you'd like to import. Click "File" → "Share" → "Share with others".


In the popup, "General access" set to "Anyone with the link".


Then click "Copy link" button, after that click "Done" button.


Open vTables PRO plugin. Make sure you have "LITE" or "ADVANCED" license.


On the "Tables" page click "+ Add Table" button.

In the popup make sure "Remote Files" tab is active.


Fill out "Title" field, and paste the previously copied linked from Google Sheet in the "URL" field.


Click "Import".

No, the FREE version allows you to import local CSV files only. For Google Sheets integration, consider upgrading to LITE or ADVANCED plans.

Absolutely! The FREE version allows you to efficiently export your WooCommerce data. However, if you opt for the ADVANCED plan, you'll not only be able to import your data seamlessly but also enhance the presentation on your website. With the ADVANCED plan, you gain the ability to showcase images in a captivating popup format and effortlessly convert links into interactive buttons, providing a more dynamic and visually appealing experience for your users.

Click on the table you want to update, click "Open", make necessary edits, save the file as CSV, and click "Fetch" to apply changes. Premium users (LITE, ADVANCED) can make direct edits on Google Sheets.

To address disparities between the table structure and your original file, it is essential to ensure the integrity of your CSV file. If you are utilizing Google Sheets, particularly when a column contains multiple data types, verify that all columns are formatted as 'plain text.' Open your spreadsheet in Google Sheets, select all columns, navigate to 'Format' -> 'Number' -> 'Plain text,' and then attempt the import process again for a seamless resolution.

vTables PRO offers advanced features like customizable columns, enhanced content management, table dimensions control, export options (CSV, JSON), advanced styling, and more.

Premium features includes:

Columns: Show/hide columns, set max width, make columns sticky, and change colors.
Content: Manage links, images, and their display options.
Dimensions: Set table height and width.
Export: Export table as CSV or JSON.
Header: Modify header appearance, make it sticky, hide/show title.
Fullscreen: Enable users to expand tables into fullscreen mode.
Pagination: Set records per page, change background, text colors, or hide this section.
Search: Add a search field to a table.
Sorting: Turn on/off sorting for columns.
View: Display tables in grid mode.
Reset: Reset settings to default.

Yes, users with premium plans [LITE, ADVANCED] can export tables in various formats, including JSON and CSV.

Each table has individual settings. Users with ADVANCED plan can further customize columns, content, dimensions, export options, header appearance, and more. General users can adjust basic settings like background color and text color.

Yes, if you can't find the answers you need in the documentation, visit our Support Forums. Our community and support team are ready to help.

Yes, you can enhance the look and feel by adding custom CSS to your theme. Each table has a unique wrapper with a distinct CSS class for customization.

You can remove one or multiple tables at once. Simply check the table/s you’d like to remove, and on the top, you will see the "REMOVE SELECTED" button. Click on that, and the selected tables will be removed.

The "Fetch" button allows you to pull the latest changes from your local or remote spreadsheet for users with premium plans [LITE, ADVANCED].

Use shortcodes to display tables in posts, pages, and widgets. Each table has a shortcode with a unique ID. Simply copy and paste the shortcode wherever needed.

License usage

Explore the details on how licensing works with vTables [LITE, ADVANCED]. Learn about license renewals, managing activations, and ensuring compliance to make the most of your premium features."

Download "vTables PRO" plugin from this website. Install and activate it.

Click on "vTables PRO" menu item on the left sidebar, then select "License" submenu item. Copy/Paste your license in a text field and click "Activate" button.

To retain access to the full array of premium features, it is essential to renew your license annually. When your current license approaches expiration, simply acquire a new license through our official website to seamlessly continue enjoying the benefits of our advanced functionalities.

Yes! Simply deactivate your license on your website, and activate it on a different website.

While not mandatory, acquiring a license for the vTables plugin is strongly recommended to unlock and fully leverage all the benefits and premium features offered by the plugin.

Certainly! Although, to ensure uninterrupted access to premium features, it is recommended to renew your license promptly.

Certainly! If you've selected the wrong license, kindly reach out to our support team through the contact form, providing comprehensive details. Our team will promptly assist you in rectifying your license selection.